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Anam Cara Living Arts Studio & Gallery is home
to the artist and writer Carrie MaKenna.
Her artwork so far, spans thirty years and chronicles her journey through spiritual, psychological and artistic development. Carrie holds these three aspects of life as intrinsic. As one changes so do the others. you'll find a wide variety of artistic styles in Carrie's portfolio's.

The art world and our society would prefer artists to find their "style" early and then pursue that for the rest of their lives. 
And some probably do. But that isn't Carrie's path.
Carrie was thrilled when she saw two world renowned artists' museums while traveling in Barcelona Spain.
Pablo Picasso
and Joan Miro.
They both displayed varied growth and style throughout their long careers.
We are even familiar with some of Pablo Picasso's style variations by name. During his 75-year career from 1897-1973, he explored at least 8 styles known as periods - Work before 1901, Blue, Rose, African-influenced, Cubism, Classicism, Surrealism, and Later Works, not to mention what some call his Black Period. The Picasso Museum ranges through all of them. Some of them seem to bear no relation to the others, as if someone else entirely did them.

The other amazing display of progress through an artist's lifetime is in the Miro Foundation Museum.
Joan Miro
also had a very long 56-year career from 1927-1983, which allowed for the expression of many life experiences and transitions through his artwork. He participated in the surrealist and DADA movements while at the same time rejecting them, was later influenced by his roommate Alexander Calder, and later worked in fiber and sculpture. Some of his final works are seemingly simple color fields or a single black line on a gigantic white canvas.

So, although each of Carrie's portfolio's capture a theme, style, or medium they may seem completely unrelated to one another. She recommends you let that go and just enjoy the ones you find resonate with you. If you find something you'd like to enjoy at home, please do the artist the kindness of ordering a print or purchasing the original if it is available. Many images are available for licensing. Several series have been successfully reproduced as greeting card lines, journal covers and votive candle sleeves.

If you're looking for unique, beautiful fine jewelry
please check out Carrie's website

Carrie is an Independent Weddding Officiant in Colorado.

Rev. Carrie MaKenna
Ordained Wedding Officiant
Serving the Denver Metro Area
Including Evergreen, Boulder,
Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs,
Mountains and Plains.
Please check out her website

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Carrie MaKenna painting in acrylic in her studio.