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What Others are Saying About Artist Carrie MaKenna

Spiritually profound, insightful and healing. For me, creating the Mandalas was not necessarily about producing art, although it was a creative experience of my artistic expressions, it was more about letting go and letting myself be guided to the image that would reveal itself to me. Each week there was a different theme, but I never really knew what to expect, except that there would be a profound, insightful and healing message, which would be the true gift. Thank you Carrie! Deanna

I still love the Gandhi you made that's lookin' good on my antique roll-top desk. 

- Amy Friend, Denver CO

I have attended art openings at Carrie's studio which showed a wide range of artistic styles and techniques. I am impressed with the eclectic personality that is displayed through her work. I purchased a painting that was so meaningful to me. It was a portrait of a young priest, at the Vatican.
I was drawn to it because it was not only beautiful but it was a symbol of my faith and religious background. Other treasures, that I found at an opening, are beautifully bound books of Haiku poetry with lovely illustrations. I bought three, on the spot!
- Kay Owen, Lakewood CO

Thanks so much for having me at the mandala class. I felt very peaceful creating the mandala and that feeling has stayed with me. - Carole Sgrillo, Lakewood CO

Carrie is especially talented in leading spiritual and arts groups. I would recommend any class that she teaches. You will learn, and you will have fun! 

- Patricia Moore, Lakewood CO

I met Carrie in 2008 when I attended her art show entitled "How to Survive Death....and Other Mishaps".
It consisted of images from her graphic journal that chronicled her journey through her mother's death.
I connected with Carrie, as an artist and friend, since
I myself had recently experienced the death of my own mother and father. My parents were much older than Carrie's, Mom was 92 and Dad 103, but we had a common loss to grieve.

     Her gallery and Block 7, here in Belmar, has an Art Walk every two months and I've enjoyed attending her show on Tile and Stone Japanese Gardens
with Carrie's friend, Marianne Weiner in 2009. Then in 2010 she and her husband, Craig Rouse did a show and published their book (which I bought) called 5seven5 Haiku+art, which was inspired by Japanese and Zen gardens. Recently she collaborated with Sophia Rose and has done a show and workshop series on Modern Mandalas, which has received great press reviews in our local newspapers.

About a year and a half ago Carrie and a fellow local artist helped organize BADGER (Belmar Art District Group of Eclectic Residents). Carrie facilitated this grass roots community arts promotion group to put on monthly speaker series throughout the years of 2009-2010 (she was even one of our speakers). I'm wholeheartedly endorsing Carrie MaKenna and her endeavors as an artist, business leader, facilitator and friend. 

- Judy Davis, Member of BADGER, Lakewood,CO 

I have known Carrie MaKenna for approximately 15 years. During that time, I have attended workshops and other events presented by Carrie. She has a natural way of welcoming people and inviting them into whatever is occurring. She always provides unique and imaginative art-making exercises that help create a fund and educational experience. I've seen her work with a myriad of personality types, and she has that exceptional ability to help everyone join in and express themselves openly. Throughout the time that I have known Carrie, I have seen her grow and expand in her artistic abilities. She is a very talented artist, and an excellent workshop facilitator. I recommend her without reservation.
- Justina Walls, Lakewood CO

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