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Portraits of You, Your Family and Pets

    Portraits are one of my favorite types of commission.

I love getting to know my subjects and learn about their lives and interests. Often people have a very personal reason for getting a portrait made. While I'm painting

I develop a sense of personal connection with every brushstroke. Painting the details of someone's face is a very intimate experience. I simply fall in love with the people and animals I paint. 

     I'd love to talk with you about commissioning a portrait. My usual process is to meet with you for about an hour to learn a little bit about you. I'll also take some pictures of you. If you have photographs you particularly like you can bring them. 

    If you live outside the Denver Metro area we can connect over skype and work by phone and email.

Here are some examples of portraits and the process

I work through.
     I work in acrylic on canvas with a two inch edge.
     Pricing ranges from $400 - $4,000 depending on size and number of subjects.
     Please contact me for a quote.

Hatfield Grandkids - Tiernan Hatfield, Caiden Hatfiield and Maddie Kittelstad
It was such a pleasure to be commissioned to paint portraits of the three Hatfield Grandchildren.

Maysie White
This is a sweet golden white retriever doggie who loves to smile.
These are three steps to the final painting.

Rachel Hanson
This vibrant young woman is a world traveler and enjoys the outdoors.
This portrait was done for her parents to have while she is out of the country.
Karen Pramenko
     "I had always been fascinated by the idea of having a portrait done not by photography, but in paint.  But the years went by, I retired from a nursing career, and I grew a little too old, or so I thought. 
     "Then in December, '09, I was faced with one of the biggest challenges of my life in the form of a brain tumor.  It was large and it was malignant.  After undergoing surgery, rehabilitation, and radiation treatments, I had a new appreciation of life and the every day joys, disappointments, and opportunities given to me.  I had a new perspective on life itself. 
     "I realized how much support I had received from my husband, sons, their wives and children, and friends and how important they all were to me.  The portrait reflects this new perspective on life and serves to remind me to appreciate it all.  Thanks, Carrie, for capturing that spirit."

Brother Jeffery
     This portrait focused on the accessories that help define this snappy dresser.
     He suffered the loss of three close relatives within just a few months several years ago.

    He got this portrait created at a point where he is enjoying life again and happily expressing himself through his activities and accoutrement.

Carrie is an Independent Weddding Officiant in Colorado.

Rev. Carrie MaKenna
Ordained Wedding Officiant
Serving the Denver Metro Area
Including Evergreen, Boulder,
Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs,
Mountains and Plains.
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Below is a series of portraits of New Thought Leaders I did in color pencil for a conference some years ago.

It was a privilege to get to know these icons by drawing the unique details of their faces.

Mahatma Gandhi

Buckminster Fuller

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ernest Holmes

Emmet Fox