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Enter The Universal Circle
An Interactive Experiential Exhibit by Carrie MaKenna
This exhibit is available to travel. It can been adjusted to fit pretty much any size space. Please contact the Artist to chat about options and opportunities and receive a proposal. Carrie MaKenna, 720-933-3813
     This interactive art installation and exhibit by artist Carrie MaKenna explores The Universal Circle through painting, sculpture and play. It’s a culmination of 30 years of interest, study, practice and teaching about the Circle as a unique Universal Pattern and Spiritual Resource.
     The Circle is found at the center of many spiritual traditions including the Native American Indian Medicine Wheel, the Celtic Stone Circles, the Buddhist Tangkas and Hindu Mandalas among countless others. The Artist has also had a deep life-long interest in Space, the Solar System and the intricate cycles that define our life on planet Earth.
     “We live moment to moment within the influence of The Universal Circle,” says MaKenna. “The Circle is a key form that surrounds and supports us here on Earth. Whether we are aware of it or not, The Universal Circle encompasses our daily lives. It is the basis of the Cycles of Time. We experience the Circle through the cycles of a minute, an hour, a day, month, year, decade, a lifetime. These are marked by the rotation and orbit of the Earth around the Sun, and the Moon around the Earth.”
     Enjoy the show.
The Solar System
Distant and Unknown Worlds
Not based on any known or existing planets, these paintings explore the experience of a planetary body as it exists in space. What's it like out there - buffeted by gravity and objects, impacted by contraction and expansion, strained by heat and fire. What beauty lies in the pockmarks and striations left on the surface.

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In The Artist's Words 

     When I considered what I wanted to convey about the Universal Circle I wanted to make it accessible to anyone without any previous knowledge of the Circle. It was relatively easy to think about the directions of the Circle as it relates to time, elements and seasons.

Distant and Unknown Worlds
This series of paintings came about through a moment of utter frustration in the studio.