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Anam Cara Studio & Gallery is the private studio of

Carrie MaKenna and Craig Rouse
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We're always cooking up art, entertainment, and sustenance that is food for body, mind and spirit.

Anam Cara Studio & Gallery, Contemporary Fine Art
Door 11 at 2017 Brentwood St.,Denver  Colorado 80226

     There's new artwork happening all the time in the studio and gallery.
Call for an appointment to see what we're working on and what we have in store.

     Represented in our Studio Gallery are Carrie MaKenna working in  acrylic on canvas and a variety of other media. She has a variety of subjects and abstracts that have a lot of texture.

     Craig Rouse creates fine art graphics featuring modernist takes on Denver Architecture, Colorado places and symbols, as well as the annual Italian Festival poster, and his inventive Alphabet Haiku block print series.

Enter The Universal Circle
An Interactive Experiential Exhibit by Carrie MaKenna

     This interactive art installation and exhibit by artist Carrie MaKenna explores The Universal Circle through painting, sculpture and play. It’s a culmination of 30 years of interest, study, practice and teaching about the Circle as a unique Universal Pattern and Spiritual Resource.
     The Circle is found at the center of many spiritual traditions including the Native American Indian Medicine Wheel, the Celtic Stone Circles, the Buddhist Tangkas and Hindu Mandalas among countless others. The Artist has also had a deep life-long interest in Space, the Solar System and the intricate cycles that define our life on planet Earth.
     “We live moment to moment within the influence of The Universal Circle,” says MaKenna. “The Circle is a key form that surrounds and supports us here on Earth. Whether we are aware of it or not, The Universal Circle encompasses our daily lives. It is the basis of the Cycles of Time. We experience the Circle through the cycles of a minute, an hour, a day, month, year, decade, a lifetime. These are marked by the rotation and orbit of the Earth around the Sun, and the Moon around the Earth.”
     Enjoy the show.

Carrie MaKenna - Seed Series
Grain Emanation, Acrylic 16x20

Carrie MaKenna - Seed Series
Seed Nucleus, Acrylic 16x20

Carrie MaKenna - Seed Series
Seed Shoot, Acrylic 16x20

Carrie MaKenna - Tree Series
Luminous Daybreak, Acrylic 16x20
Carrie MaKenna - Tree Series
Standing in a Thunder Cloud, Acrylic 16x20
Carrie MaKenna - Tree Series
Streamside Passage, Acrylic 16x20
Craig Rouse - Alphabet Haiku
Letter A, Linocut Print 8x10

Craig Rouse - Alphabet Haiku
Letter B, Linocut Print 8x10

Craig Rouse - Alphabet Haiku
Letter G, Linocut Print 8x10

Craig Rouse - Italian Festival Poster
Avanti, Silkscreen 18x24

Craig Rouse - Italian Festival Poster
Gettare, Silkscreen 18x24

Craig Rouse - Italian Festival Poster
Bocce, Silkscreen 18x24

Carrie MaKenna, Portrait Commission
Brother Jeffery, Acrylic 11x14

Carrie MaKenna, Portrait Commission
Rachel Anne, Acrylic 11x14

Carrie MaKenna, Portrait Commission
Maysie, Acrylic 11x14

Carrie MaKenna, Photocopier Series
Open for Discussion, Print 11x14

Carrie MaKenna, Photocopier Series
Bound by Femininity, Print 11x14

Carrie MaKenna, Photocopier Series
Remember This One, Print 11x14

Craig Rouse unveils his new modernist style Denver Architectural Series.
Carrie MaKenna, MA
Anam Cara Studio & Gallery

Contemporary Fine Art

2017 Brentwood St.
Denver Colorado 80214
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If you're looking for unique, beautiful fine jewelry
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Carrie is an Independent Weddding Officiant in Colorado.

Rev. Carrie MaKenna
Ordained Wedding Officiant
Serving the Denver Metro Area
Including Evergreen, Boulder,
Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs,
Mountains and Plains.
Please check out her website

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Our Own Private Home Studio
     We enjoy the benefits of working in our private home studio. 
     For over 25 years Carrie MaKenna and Craig Rouse have been creating world-class artwork on an affordable local scale.
     Join us for a variety of Classes and Workshops, and other Events. 
     Come on over to the west side,
we're just six miles from downtown
and in a world apart.

Carrie MaKenna, MA
Anam Cara Studio & Gallery

Contemporary Fine Art

2017 Brentwood St. Door 11
Denver Colorado 80226

Upcoming Events

Husband/Wife Artists Celebrate
25th Anniversary

     Husband and wife Craig Rouse and Carrie MaKenna celebrate this milestone as they participate in Denver Arts Week the annual city-wide festival of the arts and culture in the metro area.

    MaKenna and Rouse are long-time members of the Denver art, design and architecture scene. Both are active in the Design Council of the Denver Art Museum. Rouse has worked with major architectural and development firms to design the exterior and interior signs of the DAM Hamilton building, much of the DU Campus and Clayton Lane in Cherry Creek. While MaKenna has been a working artist for 35 years. Both have contributed works of art for fundraising events that benefit everything from parks and schools to health and human services organizations. On the lighter side, Rouse has been the captain of his volleyball team in the Architects and Designers summer league for 30 years.

     "Everyday when I walk into my studio and turn on the lights, I think, 'this is what I've always wanted.
"It really is a dream come true."

     The couple shares studio space. Rouse's graphic design studio, R Design LLC, sports a collection of pencil sharpeners displayed atop a Wall-of-Macs (a stack of old Classics purchased at a DPS auction). On the back wall is a display of all styles and sizes of the letter R. Each collection represents an aspect of the history of the graphic design industry.

     MaKenna's art studio and gallery has moveable walls she designed and built, with Rouse's help, to display a large amount of artwork in a relatively small space. The walls are easily moved to accommodate her creative expression workshops, as well as events like intimate weddings and music concerts.

     The exhibits they put together are an ever-changing expression of their collaborative relationship and creative life together. It's a sampling of a variety of artwork spanning their 30 year careers. 

     Rouse shows his 1940s inspired illustrations of Colorado Icons like the Bighorn Sheep and Maroon Bells, Illustrations based on Haiku by Matsuo Basho, and his linocut Haiku Alphabet. MaKenna's highly textured Landscape Abstractions are featured along with her couples series called The Look of Love, and a variety of collage works created in the Intuitive Art Collage workshops she holds.

     You'll always find a lot to see and enjoy in their studio and gallery. 

Carrie MaKenna,MA
Anam Cara Studio & Gallery
Contemporary Fine Art
720 933-3813
Door 11 at 2017 Brentwood St.
Denver Colorado 80214